domenica 18 ottobre 2009

mini vita

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Iasi 2007

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ARIPI DE FLUTURE ha detto...

beautiful photo:)

Marco ha detto...

Thx Andrea :-)

MariBio ha detto...

Che bella questa famigliola milanista! :)

Marco ha detto...

MMMM chissà per quale squadra tieni ?

Gatadaplar ha detto...

Che belli i maggiolini!!!!
Sono i miei insettini preferiti, dopo le coccinelle!!! ^_____^
bacioni e... tu e L. portatevi mantello e cappello che ci si vede ad Halloween!!! :DDD

ruma2008 ha detto...

Hello Marco.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Because your blog was very beautiful, I was interested.
I look forward to watching your blog.

So,Insincere human being and culture in Tokyo are well known to my countries abroad.

However, most human beings and culture live faithfully any place other than Tokyo from the ancient times several thousand years ago.
And we value Nature and tradition and live.

I am glad that even you alone knew it.
Thus I am satisfied.

Thank you.